Saturday, January 20, 2018

GoPro gets out of the drone business

"The company said its Karma drone, which cost about $800 without a camera and about $1,100 with a camera, was the second best seller in its price range. But it said a hostile regulatory environment in Europe and the United States, as well as an extremely competitive market, makes staying in the business untenable. GoPro said it will exit the business once it sells off its remaining Karma inventory.
'When we considered the amount of investment in the category relative to the profit margins that are possible in that category, we determined it wasn't going to continue to be a sound business investment for us,' Woodman said in an appearance on CNBC Monday."

By the time GoPro came out with their quadcopter, DJI was putting a lot of smart technology into theirs, which GoPro didn't have. Crash avoidance and stuff like that caused me to wait instead of buying a GoPro, and I bought a DJI Spark instead.  I think that was the fatal flaw of the Gopro was it was just dumb compared to the DJI competitors.

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