Saturday, December 30, 2017

quadcopter collides with helicopter

"The UH-60M had been flying as CAVM087 (“Caveman 87”), the lead craft in a flight of two helicopters that were getting their bearings to monitor a set of 'temporary flight restrictions' (TFRs) involving the UN General Assembly and President Donald Trump. The helicopters were flying low, around 300 feet, and had come down the Hudson River and turned east over the Verrazano Bridge toward Coney Island. At 7:14pm, they turned around to head back toward New Jersey.
At this point, Tantashov was recalling his drone, which had begun its return flight to his location. The helicopters encountered the drone a minute later. The co-pilot on the lead helicopter was flying when the drone came into sight, and he took immediate action. Still, the drone collided with the helicopter’s main rotor 274 feet up in the sky."

This is kind of a tricky case, since the drone dude didn't know about the Temporary Flight Restriction, and it would probably be hard for him to know about that. On the other hand, he was flying outside his field of vision, which is against the rules.  I wonder if he'll get fined?

Monday, December 11, 2017

1000 drones fly over China

"The night skyline of the Chinese city of Guangzhou lit up by a spectacular show in which hundreds of drones took to the air. In putting on the show, the city broke its own world record for the biggest number of drones involved in one performance."