Monday, January 8, 2018

Russians knock out 13 drones attacking air base

"The militants launched their assault during the night on Saturday, the ministry said in a statement. The Russian Kheimim Airbase in the Syrian Latakia province was attacked by 10 unmanned combat aerial vehicles, while three more attempted a strike against the Russian maritime logistics base located in the city of Tartus.
All of the drones were detected by anti-aircraft defense systems “at a considerable distance from the Russian military objects,” the ministry said. Seven of them were then successfully shot down by the Russian Panzir-S air-defense system.
The Russian radio electronic warfare specialists also managed to override the operating systems of six more drones, and eventually gained control over the UAVs. Three of them were destroyed when they hit the ground, while another three were landed intact outside the base controlled by Russian forces."

Military sites now need anti-drone defenses.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

quadcopter collides with helicopter

"The UH-60M had been flying as CAVM087 (“Caveman 87”), the lead craft in a flight of two helicopters that were getting their bearings to monitor a set of 'temporary flight restrictions' (TFRs) involving the UN General Assembly and President Donald Trump. The helicopters were flying low, around 300 feet, and had come down the Hudson River and turned east over the Verrazano Bridge toward Coney Island. At 7:14pm, they turned around to head back toward New Jersey.
At this point, Tantashov was recalling his drone, which had begun its return flight to his location. The helicopters encountered the drone a minute later. The co-pilot on the lead helicopter was flying when the drone came into sight, and he took immediate action. Still, the drone collided with the helicopter’s main rotor 274 feet up in the sky."

This is kind of a tricky case, since the drone dude didn't know about the Temporary Flight Restriction, and it would probably be hard for him to know about that. On the other hand, he was flying outside his field of vision, which is against the rules.  I wonder if he'll get fined?

Monday, December 11, 2017

1000 drones fly over China

"The night skyline of the Chinese city of Guangzhou lit up by a spectacular show in which hundreds of drones took to the air. In putting on the show, the city broke its own world record for the biggest number of drones involved in one performance."

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

finnish border pierced by drones with cigarettes

"Finnish Customs officials and border guards are investigating an unusual case in which a drone was found in a forested area of the eastern town of Lappeenranta with a cargo of 15 cartons of cigarettes. Two similar packages were found nearby, bringing the total to 45 cartons.
The authorities were notified by a private individual who reported seeing the drone flying over the border from Russia, where cigarettes are considerably cheaper than they are in Finland.
Officials impounded the tobacco and are investigating the case as airspace violation and illegal entry. They have not yet found any individuals they suspect of involvement in the case."

You get the good with the bad with any new technology.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Mexican cartels with weaponized drones

"The aerial drone in the rear cargo bay was armed and ready to be deployed. Sitting in an open plastic case beside an AK47 assault rifle and spare clips. The 3DR Solo Quadcopter carried a shrapnel-filled IED that was in turn rigged to detonate by remote control."

"The weapon could have been used effectively against authorities, criminal rivals, or to terrorize innocent civilians, according to a report by security analyst Robert Bunker, a professor in Strategic Studies at the U.S. Army War college.
While contraband-laden drones operated by Mexican cartels have frequently penetrated U.S. airspace, none of them have been armed—yet. But the drone’s discovery comes at a time of widespread escalation of crime-related violence in Mexico, and could be a sign of things to come."

Technology can be used for good and bad.