Monday, September 24, 2018

the government wants to be able to shoot your drone out of the sky

The 1,200-page FAA Reauthorization Bill posted by the House early Saturday morning includes a section titled "Preventing Emerging Threats" that would give the Department of Homeland Security and FBI the right to track and down drones that they deem a "credible threat" to a "covered facility or asset."

Seems to me they already have that authority.

Monday, September 10, 2018

drone deliveries at golf course

"He's explained to them how much cheaper a drone is when compared to the price of a beverage cart.
Palmiscno has also heard from the neighboring softball complex, whose organizers are open to drone deliveries from his course's restaurant. Palmiscno envisions athletes sitting around after a game, drinking beer, and having food dropped from a drone."

I still think of this as a gimmick.  How does the drone know who's getting the delivery?  Can someone reach up to the drone and get sliced and diced?  Can they steal the drone?  I have lots of questions still.