Saturday, October 21, 2017

Dude flies his quadcopter in a park. Other dude shoots it down

"Jackson County sheriff’s deputies arrested Grindstaff Wednesday, after the agency posted photos from Hidde’s footage that prompted Grindstaff to turn himself in. He was booked in the Jackson County Jail Wednesday and released Thursday on his own recognizance, jail records show.
Similar sentiments in support of the alleged shooter were posted at the private Jackson County Scanner Group Facebook page consisting of about 41,000 members. One post cited in a previous media report about the story alleged Hidde was 'being a peeping Tom creeper.' Hidde said he read about 90 percent of such comments.
Hidde denied any sort of harassing behavior at the park. He saw Grindstaff, another truck driving off-road, a dirt bike rider, a woman riding her horse and another walking her dog. He said he was scoping out the park watching for high-action subjects."

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